Who we are ?

ARBUG, started its journey with the goal to think beyond the demands of the customers with its constantly renewed technology in the field of Thermoplastic and Rubber. Today, with the design and production of rubber hose winding machines, all of which are imported from abroad, development of technological infrastructure and with the innovative approach in thermoplastic field, the company is constantly growing by increasing its figures in the machinery and technology sectors of the domestic and foreign market. And in addition to that, we always believe in our youth. An order that is not nurtured with the younger generation cannot be sustainable. For successful social sustainability, the youth must be capable of bearing this responsibility if you want to entrust your future in them. Therefore, families, companies and states make investments in their younger generations so that they can sustain the future. They want them to be healthier, more qualitative and equipped. For this reason, young people are indispensable for the society in which we live in.